< Small box > 2,300yen
Contains 3 Kippan & 4 Tougatsuke
< Medium box > 3,300yen

Contains 4 Kippan & 5 Tougatsuke

< Large box > 3,900yen
Contains 5 Kippan & 6 Tougatsuke
< Gift bag >
Contains 2 Kippan & 3 Tougatsuke
< Extra large box >
Contains 6 Kippan & 10 Tougatsuke
< Tougatsuke gift boxes >
Small (6 Tougatsuke) - - 1,800yen
Medium (9 Tougatsuke) - - 3,150yen
Large (12 Tougatsuke) - - 4,000yen
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We make our sweets in the traditional manner on a daily basis so to ensure availability please order several days in advance if at all possible. We will of course always do our best to supply all orders very gratefully received.

< Product life and storage >
We do not add any preservatives to our sweets so kept at normal room temperature Kippan is best consumed within 8 days.
Tougan should be stored in the freezer as soon as possible following purchase and delivery which will enhance the taste and longevity of the product.
Tougan is delicious eaten straight from the freezer. Just slice thinly to best enjoy it. Avoid exposing the sweets to high temperatures and direct sunlight to preserve and extend their quality.

< Ingredients >
Okinawan citrus, Okinawan winter melon, natural sugar

< Product size and weight >
Each sweet is hand cut and formed so exact sizes do vary a little. However we individually select sweets by weight and size to ensure our customers always receive the correct total size by weight.

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