Green tea tougatsuke proving to be a hit with customers
Hi JahanaKippan fans, customers and Okinawa sweet lovers,

We recently launched a new product - our deliciously sweet Tougatsuke dusted with the finest Green Tea powder ('Macha' in Japanese) which has a lovely bitter taste. 

We have been serving tougatsuke with a cup of green tea at the shop for decades now so decided to put the two together and see the result! And it seems we have a hit - currently we are making limited quantities on a daily basis and regularly selling out before the end of day. Its fantastic and we are so pleased at the feedback from customers. 

We will be adding 'Macha Tougan' to our online product list page very soon but if you can't wait please pop into the shop or drop us an email via and we will do our best to get your macha tougan out to you as soon as possible.